Yoga · Sports Bras


Yoga bras for optimal support where you need it the most

Whether you’re heading out for your stretching class or going for a run, this selection of yoga bras by Reebok offers a selection of styles with adequate support for any type of exercise. Choose a style with light support for gentle exercises, high support for fast paced and impact training, or medium support for a versatile choice that offers the best of both worlds. Some sport bra styles come with removable pads to give you more control over the shape and amount of support you’d like, while double straps help the bra stay in place, and a racerback will give your arms and shoulders a larger range movement.

Comfort through special yoga sports bra designs

With yoga bras, comfort is not only a result of the right fit, but a combination between good support and the use of the right technologies that will keep you training with ease. The use of a special fabric that has sweat wicking characteristics will keep you dry when exercises increase in intensity, while mesh fabric will add breathability ensuring a long lasting feeling of freshness. If you’re looking for additional control over the fit, you will love a yoga sports bra with adjustable back straps, while seamless fabric will help minimise chafing for extra comfort.

Your complete yoga outfit starts right here

Yoga bras by Reebok are just the beginning of your outfit. Once you find the colour or pattern that speaks to you and suits your personality, find pair of Reebok yoga tights and a top to match it with, then choose a pair of Reebok trainers for a complete and stylish outfit. When the temperature drops and you need a bit more coverage, look for a Reebok hoodie or jacket that will protect you from the cold while you’re on your way to exercise class.