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Slide into your favourite pose with yoga socks by Reebok

Yoga socks are the ideal hygienic footwear option for every serious yogi, but having the right pair is of the utmost importance as it can make the difference between an unpleasant and a superior yoga session. The Reebok selection includes socks in a variety of heights, including ankle and crew socks, with textile options including a mixture of cotton, nylon, polyester and soft microfiber yarn. Extra support is offered in some styles with added cushioning along the footbed or with added arch support to help increase stability and fight foot fatigue.

Reebok yoga socks designed for full comfort

The technologies that have been incorporated into this selection of yoga socks aim at providing maximum comfort for an optimal performance. The use of special fabric that can wick the sweat away from your skin will help keep you dry as the workout heats up, while a stretchy characteristic offers a snug and controlled fit and a ribbed cuff with an elastic band will keep your socks from sliding down. On the construction level, rubber buttons are incorporated at the bottom of these socks to stop you from slipping and sliding, and a lightweight fabric will help you get to the end of your training with energy to spare.

Anatomical designs for better support

When it comes to yoga or Pilates socks, anatomical designs offer superior support in stress areas while a right sock and left sock construction results in the perfect fit, both characteristics that provide better support and lead to a greater performance. For the best results, match your Reebok yoga socks with Reebok yoga bottoms such as shorts or tights, fun Reebok yoga shirts such as crop tops and tank tops, and choose a pair of Reebok trainers that you can slip on for complete foot support on your way to and from, as well as during, your exercise class.