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Men Walking White WORK N CUSHION 3.0Men Walking White WORK N CUSHION 3.0


Men Walking

Walk the walk with Reebok work 'n cushion 3.0 shoes

When you're on your feet for the whole day, whether it be at work or on a long walk, you need a pair of shoes that are up to the task. This Reebok shoe selection is perfect for comfort and practicality, which enables you to go about your day in the knowledge your feet are being looked after. Choose between two colours to suit your needs and let the unique design of the these shoes absorb every stride you make. Designed for your comfort, your feet will remain supported and dry no matter what you do.

The superior design of Reebok work 'n cushion for extra comfort

Reebok work 'n cushion shoes have been designed with the stresses of daily life in mind. Providing optimal comfort, one of the most integral aspects of this shoe is the outstanding support provided by the resilient foam and bevelled heel. Every step you take will be absorbed by the fantastic design of these shoes. No longer will you have to worry about slippery floors either, the slip-resistant sole will ensure you're on your feet until you decide not to be. A breathable mesh lining will keep your feet cool and dry all day long, guaranteeing extra comfort throughout. With subtle black and white designs, these shoes are essentials for every occasion.

Additional comfort for long days on your feet

Ensure that your comfort level is optimised across your whole body with Reebok's great range of athletic clothing. Choose from a varied selection of lightweight and breathable Reebok tracksuits to compliment the Reebok work 'n cushion 3.0 look. Add a Reebok backpack, which will not only provide you with all the space you need for your daily essentials, but it'll ensure that you're prepared for whatever the day has in store for you.