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Fashionable windbreakers for women with style

Ladies, do you want to look great whilst running? Do you want to be comfortable, confident and cool? Well, you need to make sure you have a well-designed, durable windbreaker that will keep you cool in the warmer months but stop the wind and chill when it's cooler. This Reebok selection offers just that, and with plenty of fashionable designs throughout our range, you'll be the talk of the town. Choose between retro and more modern styles, with a relatively loose fit meaning you'll always be able to fit it over thicker layers.

Women's Reebok windbreakers for fashionable record-breakers

Beat your personal best knowing all eyes are on you. Own the audience, run with confidence and pick from a range of well-designed windbreaker jackets for women that will keep you performing up until the finish line. The lightweight, wind-stopping material makes it easy to move from the moment you start your training, allowing you to keep your muscles warm and ready. You can say goodbye to wind ruining your workouts too, with a material that not only looks great, but also serves its purpose by keeping you dry and at the perfect temperature. Layer up on the cooler days, and rest assured that these windbreakers for women are designed to fit over thicker layers of clothing.

Women's windbreaker jacket: don't let the weather interfere with your run

A Reebok windbreaker is a great place to start when decking out your new running wardrobe. Prepare for more than just the wind with additional gear that will leave you ready for all weather conditions and able to perform all year round. As your head and feet are key areas for heat loss, make sure you look after them. Keep your head warm with a Reebok beanie and make sure your feet stay dry with a pair of Reebok socks.