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Beautifully crafted white hoodies for women

Hoodies are a woman's best friend in the world of fitness. They're so versatile that you can train in them comfortably when it's cold or use them as warm-up jackets in warmer weather. You can get ones that put the emphasis on protection from rain, cold and wind, or just grab a wonderfully soft and fleecy hoodie to keep yourself warm. They'll help you to look stylish as well with various Reebok logo designs and custom prints that make them stand out from the rest. There are also so many styles to choose from that you'll find yourself wanting them all!

Purpose-designed women's white hoodies

Our white hoodies for women come in all shapes and lengths. Our standard type of hoodie has a slightly oversized fit so as not to limit the sports clothes you wear underneath. Our fleece versions are made from a combination of cotton and polyester, with layered hoods that give a twist of style and extra warmth at the neckline. We also have outsized hoodies with extra length. These are made from French terry cotton, have raglan sleeves with ribbed cuffs and drop tail hems that feature subtle slits to help you move more flexibly when you're training. Drawcords keep the hood secure and are easily adjustable.

More training options with your ladies' white hoodies

Because our hoodies are so large and comfortable, you can buy any other Reebok sports clothes and be confident that your hoodie will fit over them with ease. Start with a seamless sports bra that you can use for any purpose, then add t-shirts, sweatshirts and training pants for a versatile fitness outfit. On your feet you'll want our highly desirable trainers, and you'll be able to find exactly the right ones for your chosen sporting activity.