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Durable and light walking trousers for women

Walking as a form of exercise and sport, particularly trail walking or hiking, requires increasingly specialised apparel almost every year. Reebok's research and development is right up there, pioneering some of the most durable, resilient and comfortable walking trousers you can find. They give you plenty of pocket room to store your essential valuables while you're walking, and you can adjust various parts of them to make sure they fit your body exactly the way you like. They're also very light, so they won't add to the fatigue factor at all – they'll make you feel feather-light when you're out walking.

Highly engineered women's walking pants

Parachute-quality ripstop fabric is used for our walking trousers for women, in the form of a 100% nylon material. They have length and width adjustable cuffs that can be secured with drawcords, and elastic waistbands with additional drawcord fastening as well. Snap buttons are affixed to the cargo pockets for ease of use and quick access while making sure things don't fall out, even at the most vigorous walking pace. Casual side pockets allow your hands to slip in easily. These are walking pants that are both utilitarian and stylish. You'll look forward to all your walks in these, no matter if they're relaxed or extremely demanding.

All the rest of your walking outfit is available here

Reebok women's walking jackets make perfect partners for these walking pants. They're made from the same durable, yet light, material, and provide the same levels of wind and water resistance. Underneath, you can wear a pure cotton Reebok trail tee or sweatshirt, and of course our trainers and hiking shoes will be able to take you almost anywhere you want to hike. Don't forget a bucket hat or baseball cap with the Reebok logo to protect your face from the glare.