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Walking tops for women for all seasons

You don't want to do your training work or go trail hiking in any old t-shirt when you can have women's trail and walking shirts that are purpose designed to keep you cool and fresh, with well-ventilated fabrics and a soft and stretchy feel for a sporty fit. Our trail tees come in an assortment of colours, with logos and designs to complement the rest of your walking outfit. For colder walking excursions, our long-sleeve women's sweatshirts are excellent options in our range of walking tops as well. They'll also make you look and feel good as sporty casual wear.

Women's walking tops with an emphasis on comfort

We put a lot of effort and research into creating exactly the right fabric for our walking tops for women. They're made from 100% cotton, which has been woven in a precise way to create a flexible and slightly elastic feel without adding any other materials. Their regular fit makes them suitable for all active women, and their stylish crew neck collars give them a classic look. They're also durable and easy to wash, with only minimal ironing required; they're designed for the modern woman who wants to focus on her fitness activities rather than domestic chores.

Supplement your women's walking tops with more Reebok kit

In summer, all you'll need to wear on the trail is one of these classic cotton walking tees. When cooler weather arrives, you can get yourself a walking jacket as well; they're super durable and lightweight. A good pair of Reebok walking shoes is also an essential component of a trail walking outfit, which you can complement with invisible or compression training socks. We've got you covered when it comes to tracksuit bottoms and specialised women's walking trousers too.