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Wonderfully versatile walking jackets for ladies

Created to keep you warm and dry in a variety of pursuits, our versatile ladies' walking jackets are durable and stylish to boot. Sure, they're perfect as casual wear that you can grab on your way out when it's raining outside, but they're really purpose designed for the active sportswoman. They'll protect you from the elements when you're hiking or trail running, keep you insulated from wind and rain if you're out sailing and also serve you well as a tracksuit top for any kind of fitness training or sports you're doing. They're light and easy to fit over almost any kinds of sporting outfit, giving great comfort and freedom of movement too.

Women's walking jackets made from hi-tech fabric

The first thing that's really special about our walking jackets for ladies is that we make them from the tough and resilient, yet wonderfully light, ripstop polyester, as used in parachutes. If skydivers depend on these fabrics for their lives, they'll certainly give you all the protection you need when you're out on even the most rugged trail with the most challenging conditions. You can pack the hood away into the collar, and a half zip front makes it quick and easy to get on and off. The front pockets have snaps to keep contents secure and the waist is secured by an adjustable drawcord. The cuffs can also be adjusted for length with hook and loop fastenings.

Wearing your ladies' walking jacket

It's not hard to find other Reebok walking gear to complete your outfit right here. Our walking pants for women have the same loose and comfortable fit, without flapping around getting snagged on things. Our hiking boots and trail running trainers are exceptionally tough, with extra-grippy outsoles to keep you stable underfoot. Don't forget head protection as well – have a look at our sporty bucket hats.