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Walk in style in our full range of walking clothing for women

Walking has become one of the most popular and beneficial forms of exercise; almost everyone has cottoned on to the advantages of this gentle activity. There are also those who take their walking more seriously, using it as a form of low-impact cardio training to supplement their rigorous fitness regimes. Our walking clothing range provides a one-stop shop for all your needs when it comes to walking shoes, clothing, protective accessories and more. Everything in this range is extremely comfortable, incorporating modern fabrics and technology that will help you to get the most out of your training walks.

Women's walking clothing from head to toe

Our walking clothing for women will allow you to completely stock your wardrobe for your walking and training activities. There are classic t-shirts for summer, sweatshirts and walking jackets for winter, walking leggings and trail hoodies. And because walking can also mean some really vigorous trail hiking, our walking shoes vary from smooth and seamless city-training shoes to extremely rugged models built with the latest technology for tackling even the most demanding cross-country challenges. Walking trousers that give you more room are also very popular, as are our crew sweaters.

Now for the walking clothing accessories for women

The very first thing that the prudent walker needs today – whether you're a casual walker, perhaps rehabbing from an injury, or a dedicated trainer – is a hat. We have beanies for winter and plenty of summer hats with wide brims. Any walker will also appreciate a windbreaker and a backpack, the former to protect against a sudden change in the weather, and the latter to allow easy storage of your jacket when you don't need it. Our bags offer room for all your other essentials while walking, too.