Women · Underwear


Underwear for women with high-intensity lifestyles

The Reebok high-performance ethos even carries through to our women's underwear, purpose designed for high-intensity training sessions and workouts, indoors and out. More than anything, they provide flexible support while feeling as comfortable as a second skin. You can choose from ranges of compression tights or snug-fitting, elasticised long- and short-sleeve compression tees and sweatshirts. They're all about giving you the confidence to push as hard as you can and getting a little extra boost during every training session. Of course, they're made from the most modern materials and fabrics, designed to enhance cooling and breathability as well.

Reebok women's underwear that likes to over-perform

Our underwear for women is at the cutting edge of the latest fitness technology research. We use various combinations of polyester and double-knit elastane to create exactly the right compression effects in the right areas as you train. Mesh ventilation panels are similarly ergonomically placed, and these are complemented by speed wicking properties designed into the fabrics themselves. Your underwear will stay comfortable, dry and cool, no matter how heated things get out there. Whether you're pushing a training run, spinning or practising your favourite sport, you'll be thrilled at the versatility you'll be getting out of them.

Complete fitness outfits to go with your women's underwear

You can wear Reebok underwear for women for pretty much any training or sporting purpose, so you can combine them with our cool, summer t-shirts, add a sports bra and grab a windbreaker or hoodie for when the weather turns. Our iconic trainers need no introduction, and nor do our all-purpose women's sporting tracksuits, but it's always worth looking for our latest models. Smaller accessories like bum bags and beanies are available too, and you can even snatch up a speed rope to keep in a pocket for spontaneous sessions or if you’ve had to miss a cardio workout.