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Eclectic women’s sports trousers for a variety of women

Our assemblage of women’s sports trousers features an eclectic variety of styles including sweatpants, capri pants, track pants and wide leg pants in attractive colours and designs with sizes from 2XS to 4X. Most models come with ribbed or elastic cuffs to keep them from riding up when you sit or move, and elastic waistbands with drawstrings to keep them in place when worn. Nylon weave is used for lightweight models while cotton and polyester are fused with French terry and single knit jersey to create more durable products designed to keep you warm as well as comfortable, with front or side pockets for style as well as practicality.

Ladies’ sports trousers for evening gym and weekend lifestyle

The variety of styles in which our ladies’ sports trousers are available corresponds to the eclectic variety of sports or casual activities for which they can be used. Wide leg pants are excellent for dance routines at home or the studio but are impractical for kickboxing or weight training, so we recommend going with sweatpants, which are more reliable and much less cumbersome. Capri pants are also fabulous wear for dance classes, but you will look just as good in them at evening or weekend yoga or Pilates sessions, while nylon pants are great for cycling, walking, or running.

You can try our dynamic tops and trainers with sports trousers for women

Our world-famous collection of trainers also features several dynamic styles and designs in colour schemes that range from the understated to the bold and daring, which can also be used as apt descriptions for our complete clothing collection that includes shorts, tees and tanks, sweatshirts, joggers, jackets, sports bras, tights and leggings, in addition to sports trousers for women. Come to think of it, eclectic definitely can apply to our accessories division, where you can find such diverse items such as sunglasses and watches, water bottles and phone cases, scarves, various types of fitness equipment, and socks.