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Warmth for every season with women's sports jackets

If you’re looking for the ultimate protection against colder temperatures when you head out for your training, you won’t find a better selection of jackets to keep you warm in every season. The Reebok selection of women’s sports jackets includes everything you might need, from windbreakers and light jackets that are perfect for autumn and spring to coats and jackets with insulation that makes them optimal for winter temperatures. And if you want to stay active even on rainy days, look for a waterproof jacket that will keep you dry and comfortable from the inside out.

Sports jackets for ladies with special designs for added comfort

Each style in this women’s sports jackets selection has been designed for your optimal comfort and includes special technologies to keep you warm. The use of duck down and feathers will provide insulation while keeping your jacket lightweight, while design details such as elastic cuffs around the wrists provide additional warmth by keeping the cold out. Jackets with a hood will keep your head dry when it starts to rain, while a high collar will protect your neck from the wind. If you want the ability to securely store a few items or warm up your hands while you’re on the move, a jacket with pockets is just what you need.

A full exercise set for the cold weather

You can ensure an optimum defence against the cold with these sport jackets for women, but for complete protection from head to toe look for additional sports gear by Reebok such as tops, trousers and tracksuits, then complete your outfit with trainers and socks. For even colder days, add some accessories such as a Reebok beanie, scarf and gloves so you can enjoy a full 360 degrees of warmth.