Women · Sliders & Flip Flops


Women’s sliders boast a re-imagined vintage design

The collection of women’s sliders is one of the few lines of Reebok footwear not expressly created for athletic activities. Instead, it was made solely for casual and leisure wear purposes, and all products in the collection feature a vintage-inspired design with grooved outsoles for increased grip with each step. The Cash Slip is a classic flip flop with the Reebok name and delta logo on both thongs, while the Reebok Classic Slide series offers models which feature variations of the brand and vector or delta logo across the flap. For something a bit different, some models sport an additional heel imprint.

Reebok flip flops for women are basic summer essentials

Reebok flip flops for women are among the most comfortable kinds of footwear available and were created specifically for summer wear – although, of course, they can be used around indoor swimming pools or at the seaside at any time of the year. The Cash Slip is also an ideal choice for when you need to use the communal showers at the gym or public pool, while the Reebok Slide is an easy and reliable option for basic summer wear at home or on the street. Coming in several different colours, it’s easy to find a pair to suit your wardrobe.

Sliders for women are a seasonal treat for your feet

One of the great advantages to owning sliders for women is that you can match them with practically all types of casual or leisure wear when the occasion permits. Weekends can find you relaxing in the garden wearing a pair of Elements Jersey joggers and a tee or sweatshirt along with your Reebok Slides. Alternatively, don the Cash Slips with your Reebok Cross training MyoKnit shorts and Classics Vector tee during lazy summer days in the house or at the seaside. Socks are optional wear with your slides when it’s a little cooler inside or outside.