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Pink shorts for women: be inspired by the minimalist aesthetic

If you believe that less is more, then cast your eye upon the minimalist look and simple construction of our pink shorts for women and appreciate the fact that inspiring performance attire doesn’t have to be gaudy in order to be effective. Cotton and elastane work together to create a form-fitting product that feels smooth and soft, and wears comfortably whether you use them for exercise or for leisure activities. An elastic high waist tucks you in, so you can adopt a correct posture at all times, and attractive solar pink pastels are used for feminine emphasis.  

Ladies’ pink shorts for remarkable flexibility and enduring performance

As with many of our products, the beauty of our ladies’ pink shorts lies in their remarkable flexibility. During the spring and summer months they can stand alone as part of your regular training attire, but during the autumn and winter seasons you can use them for layering to preserve heat and keep warm. The same is true when you use them for casual wear purposes out on the street, with family and friends, or enjoying a solo escapade for your own pleasure. They also perform equally well when you prefer to chill at home and savour a deserving weekend of rest and relaxation.

Women’s sports shorts: seize the initiative to be daring

Seize the initiative to enjoy the great outdoors with a scenic walk through the countryside or an invigorating walk through the town wearing our women’s pink shorts. Designed to mimic cycling shorts they are highly recommended if you prefer to take the bike out for a weekend spin, or use the stationary one at home for some indoor exercise. Emphasise your womanly form with sports bras, tank tops or fitted tees when you are brimming with the confidence to be daring, and complete the look with some essential accessories like socks, sunglasses and headwear.