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Pink hoodies for women express your feminine chic

Constructed from pure cotton French terry materials, our pink hoodies for women are robust enough to offer excellent protection during the cooler months of the year, while being light enough to maintain your cool on spring and summer nights. An oversized fit allows you for layering without looking bulky and the kangaroo pockets provide respite from the elements, while simultaneously stashing small items you prefer keeping close to hand. In pixel pink with throwback Vector logo displayed across the front, this quality garment is a bold statement of your feminine chic, especially with the hood up.

Ladies’ pink hoodie: a versatile performer with elegance

Invite a few girlfriends over for a catch-up and greet them in a ladies’ pink hoodie to show your solidarity with the sisterhood or join them at the park for an evening session of yoga during weekly exercise meetings. This versatile performer will look just as elegant on your way to work or school as it does when you have to pop out to get the shopping done. And the large pocket and hood are always handy when day turns to night and you experience unexpected weather changes on your way home from the gym.

Women’s pink hoodies: wear them loud and proud

Women’s pink hoodies can be worn with a range of colour options so don’t be shy about assembling the types of outfits that reflect your individual taste. Consider the comprehensive range of clothing lines for ladies at our online store which includes sports bras, t-shirts, tights and joggers for some exciting new apparel to refresh your wardrobe. Afterwards, you can investigate our collection of trainers to choose a high-performance set of footwear for the gym, but save some time to browse our selection of accessories for essential items like gym bags or socks.