Women's Nano 9 Cross Training shoes


Reebok Nano 9 women’s shoes for the competitor in you

With innovative Flexweave materials for charismatic styling and padded soles for plush comfort, the Reebok Nano 9 women’s shoes are a cut above the rest when it comes to owning a comprehensive trainer that is good for intense workout routines, light exercise days and training sessions on the field or on the street. Already one of the most popular lines of athletic footwear for women, the Nano 9 is superbly crafted, with a diamond lattice pattern on the outer heel and innovative grooved design on the undersole for superior traction, so you can step, stride or jump with the utmost confidence.

Nano 9 women’s trainers maximise performance and value

The Nano 9 women’s trainer is a marquee product constructed to be a primary option for a wide spectrum of athletic training requirements for women like you who seek to maximise performance and value for their money. Presented in 16 dynamic multi-coloured options, the shoe offers amazing flexibility in terms of your choice of attire. It is extremely durable, so you can wear it while you burn up those calories on the elliptical machine or when you need unquestioned support during days earmarked for serious lower body weight training, and it is also good for various types of running surfaces.

Build alluring combos starting with Reebok Nano 9 shoes for women

Building your workout attire from the ground up starts with your choice of Reebok Nano 9 shoes for women, to which you can add the Classic Vector sweatpants and sweatshirt with a choice of sports bra for a matching suit that is fully functional and stylish. The Reebok Cross Training tee and the Classics Vector Logo leggings makes your transition from the street to the yoga mat effortless and also works well as a warm weather outfit, while your Nano 9 shoes with Workout Ready Bootcut pants and sweatshirt with Reebok Classics padded jacket makes an alluring leisure wear combo.