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Reebok’s Nano women’s line offers the best support during cross training

Discover the broad range of cross training Nano women’s shoes that give perfect support for your hard-core cross training workout. With a locked-in fit and extra cushioning for your midfoot, increased stability and bouncing of the ankles and feet is provided. Some of Reebok’s Nano women’s shoes also feature sockliners to prevent fraying and prolong durability. High abrasion rubber outsoles provide you with optimal grip for heavy lifting or run-heavy WODs. Available in various colours, you have a wide range of options to perfect your cross training outfit.

Reebok's Nano line for women is a loyal companion during your workout

The latest shoe technology makes for the perfect cross training companion with integrated Stretch Flexweave uppers for a firm fit. Reebok's Nano shoes for women balance out perfectly for weight-lifting as well as WODs with midfoot padding and Toe Tection technology for extra endurance. Mesh applications on some of our shoes provide ideal airflow and breathability to keep you cool during your cross training workout. Extra airflow is also provided with NanoWeave uppers in some models, as well as a polyurethane NanoShell to prevent abrasion in the midsole to support your foot optimally during weightlifting.

Pair your Nano shoes with our cross training line

Reebok doesn’t just feature cross training-friendly shoes, we also have the gear to go with it. Our Nano technology shoes provide the grip and endurance you need for high maintenance workouts such as cross training and our medium-impact cross training bras give extra support and are made from sweat-wicking fabric. Removable pads add flexibility and a full range of motion. To maximise support on your toes and heels, pair your Nano cross training shoe with Reebok’s Inside Thin Socks that feature a built-in arch for more comfort and stability. Mesh panels help with venting the heat to reduce sweaty feet. Low-waist compression tights, specifically designed for cross training workouts, give you flexibility and prevent sweat stains by employing sweat-wicking fabric.