Women · Lightweight Jackets

Hiking Black DMX Training Hybrid Winter JacketHiking Black DMX Training Hybrid Winter Jacket

DMX Training Hybrid Winter Jacket


Our spry women's lightweight coats are vibrantly striking

From sporty hoodies and classic windbreakers to vintage anoraks, whichever style serves you best our spry collection of women's lightweight coats offers a range of products featuring striking design details and vibrant colours that will knock your socks off. Pullovers, half-zip and full-zip short jackets are constructed with nylon and polyester plain weave to reduce bulkiness, while elastic cuffs, hems and stand-up collars help protect you from the gusty winds and light rain. As a casual outer garment, it’s perfect for trips to the gym, school or office or chilling out at home with family and friends at the weekend.

Light jackets for women: enjoying easy comfort is essential

Many of the products included in our collection of ladies’ lightweight coats are enhanced with our innovative Speedwick fabrics, to wick the sweat produced when training in adverse weather conditions during extended runs, walks or long hikes. Taylor-made for warm-ups indoors or outdoors, they are also pragmatic options for casual occasions such as meet-ups for coffee or enjoying Sunday brunch after a wicked night out with the girls. Get one to add to your essential leisure wear attire and enjoy its easy comfort all day or all evening long.

A woman’s lightweight jacket for escapades and adventures

Throw a women’s lightweight coat over a tee and joggers and you’re ready to set off on an escapade when you’re just too energetic to simply laze around the house. If there are plans to spend some time away from home, investigate our prodigious selection of footwear in search of sliders for the seaside or hotel pool, in addition to trainers that may be more appropriate for the journey. You can locate small and large travel bags, extra socks, and water bottles, as well as headwear in our exciting accessories section and then get on the train or start up the car.