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Women’s compression socks: carefully balanced for peak performance

Don’t let the name fool you - our women’s compression socks are not a remedy for foot ailments. Rather, these extraordinary accessories represent an advancement in hose tech, which allows you to engage at peak performance levels. A carefully balanced ratio of cotton, nylon, polyester and elastane materials combine to create a sock with just the right amount of pressure to energise your legs and feet, so you can train or compete harder, faster and longer. With such a potent advantage at your fingertips, you no longer have to fear the competition or doubt your ability to exceed your expectations.

Why ladies’ compression socks give you a distinct advantage

Our ladies’ compression socks work due to the pressure they place on the legs, which allows your arteries to relax so that oxygen-rich blood can flow more freely through your blood vessels. Your veins now have the ability to move blood more efficiently to your heart which energises the lungs, the brain and your muscles resulting in explosive power and increased stamina. You can use this power boost to great advantage when running and cross training but if you love sports like basketball and football, it’s like having a high-power pack for the pistons in your thighs.

Compression socks for women resist foot fatigue

Despite adding pressure to your legs, our compression socks for women are textured to feel soft against your skin so you maintain a high level of comfort as you go through your training paces. When worn, your legs can resist the effects of fatigue over time, which is another tremendous attribute to have in your arsenal. Complement them with a pair of sterling trainers from our famous footwear collection and look over our clothing section for specific tops and bottoms. Remember to top off your kit with a visit to our accessories area for additional items that can assist in preserving your advantage.