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Women’s hoodies: vibrant colours and exciting designs to motivate you

If the shorter days and cooler temps of autumn signal a return to your old drab attire, we offer a collection of women’s hoodies bursting with vibrant colours and exciting design flair to dispel the blues and motivate you to look forward to the winter ahead. Plush cotton and French terry pullovers are available as sexy crop tops to show off your svelte form, while the regular fit models feature bell-shaped sleeves, kangaroo style pockets and oversize fit, perfect for layering and keeping your hands warm when you’re off to work or the gym.  

Ladies’ hoodies: indispensable attire for modern women

Our ladies’ hoodies also includes half-zip and full-zip models with side pockets if you prefer a simpler look without the bells and whistles. Not only are these great options for running, walking and warm-ups before workouts, you won’t mess your hair when you need to remove it. Crop tops are just the thing for your Zumba and Pilates classes, since they offer greater range of motion while keeping your core cool as you perspire. Grab one for those lazy weekends at home, running errands, spending quality time with the family outdoors and all the other activities that form the lifestyle of a modern woman.  

Vivacious hoodies for women who exude self-confidence

Whether you are tackling household projects or tackling the training mat, hoodies for women are practical items every woman should own and in terms of sheer versatility, they prove their worth time and again. We have assembled a vivacious selection of products in which women of today can exude a sense of self-confidence while knowing that they are keeping pace with fashion-forward trends in quality athleisure attire. Take further inspiration from other products included in our online catalogue, which includes a comprehensive line of footwear, essential accessories like socks and carry bags, as well as clothing staples such as sports bras and tights.