Hiking shirts for women


Complete your kit with women’s hiking shirts

Regular hikers will know that when it comes to your gear, you can’t overlook the shirt. A top may appear simple, but it can make the difference between a dream walk and a nightmare hike. That’s why this selection of women’s hiking shirts from Reebok has been put together to ensure you can stay in total comfort and style, from your first step until your last. Innovative technologies are used to offer you the very best, including Speedwick fabric for wicking sweat away from the skin and Supremium materials which are groundbreaking in their combination of comfort and lightness.

Hiking tops for women: explore in comfort

The days of using an old T-shirt for a hike are long gone – now you deserve to have hiking gear that is ready for anything. As the first layer against your skin, these women’s hiking shirts are made to keep you comfortable by using lightweight fabrics and ensuring the fits can support a full range of body movement. You can also choose your style depending on your climate: cropped short sleeves are ideal for sunshine, while relaxed long-sleeved versions are perfect for uncertain weather or transitional seasons. For the perfect hiking ensemble, Reebok has you covered.

Gear up with hiking shirts for women

In the past, you had to choose between style and performance when it came to your hiking wardrobe. With the Reebok selection, things have definitely changed, and these women’s hiking tops are the perfect example of how. The latest technologies meet the latest trends with modern silhouettes and eye-catching designs and prints. Combine with a pair of hiking leggings for a lightweight ensemble that’s ideal for summer treks, or look at the selection of Reebok mid-layers for an outfit that’s prepared for just about anything.