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Women · HIIT


Bring out the rebellious sporty vibes in you with the Reebok Hiit women's collection

Aesthetically combining the rugged usage of everyday clothing with fashion and sportswear, the exclusive range of Reebok Hiit women’s wear helps you put your best foot forward in everything you do. Alongside a wide range of clothing like shirts and pants, Reebok Hiit shoes don’t just add a touch of distinction to your wardrobe, but also give an energetic zing to your workouts. Supporting your entire body weight on your feet during high-intensity training sessions, you can cushion your soles in the best way possible with women’s Hiit shoes crafted by Reebok.

Reebok Hiit shoes for women help fight foot fatigue with attitude

Taking the pressure off your soles, these women’s Hiit shoes come with EVA midsole cushioning that is lightweight and helps you focus more on your workout. This kind of comfort means you won’t strain your feet, even if you wear them all day long. Reebok cares for your wellbeing in the gym whilst also supporting outdoor activities like hiking, rock climbing and cycling – helping you enjoy amazing moments in nature. Designed for high achievers, Reebok’s varied collection of trainers, sweatshirts, leggings and other sports accessories is versatile enough that it can be worn in all seasons, allowing you to perform throughout the year without compromising on comfort or design.

Make the right choice with women’s Hiit trainers for a healthy fitness regime

Add spunk to your workout and make your presence in the gym more stylish with shoes that are sure to leave your friends envious. These Hiit trainers are uniquely tailored to perfection, pampering every woman with a snug fit, lightweight and minimalistic design, and support for unrestricted movement on the go. With your adrenaline pumping high while jogging in the park, trying to perfect a high-intensity workout or aggressively chasing the score in a game, Reebok’s Hiit shoes for women never fail to deliver a strong performance.