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Women Yoga Grey Reebok Lux High-Rise Tights 2.0Women Yoga Grey Reebok Lux High-Rise Tights 2.0

Reebok Lux High-Rise Tights 2.0

Women Yoga

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Data-backed women’s grey tights to elevate performance and posture with style

Slip on a high-performing pair of Reebok women’s grey tights and feel your energy levels soar as you deliver your best workout yet. Enhanced with genuine athlete-driven data to ensure your tights function at a professional athletic level, the Reebok collection of women’s tights and leggings offer you dynamic variations on this training wear staple. Pick from soft cotton, stretchy elastane and durable polyester variants to get the right fit and skin feel for your sporting passions. Whether wearing a vector, identity or graphic design on your tights, you can be guaranteed that your style will easily match your commitment to the burn.

Unbeatable workout boosts with women’s grey leggings

Get full coverage in the dance studio with mid- or high-rise waists and pound it out on the treadmill with Motion Sense Technology that offers targeted support to reduce muscle vibration during high-impact workouts. Feel like breaking a sweat during cross training class? No problem. Reebok’s women’s grey tights offer moisture-wicking variants to keep your skin dry as the temperatures soar. No matter whether you like your leggings full length, three quarters or even in maternity variations, there is a pair that will offer you an empowered, strong and energised look. Complement your unique shape with all-supporting leggings to give legs that long, sleek look with ease.

Women’s grey leggings as a trendy addition to your leisurewear wardrobe

Activewear has stepped into the world of leisurewear in recent years, thanks to on-trend designs, fashion house collabs and the ultimate comfort that good quality workout attire can offer. Your grey leggings will merge seamlessly with casual items such as oversized hoodies, zip-up tops and pairs of popping trainers in electric colour choices. Step from the gym into everyday activities looking sporty and healthy whilst keeping an edge of modern, casual cool. If you want to hang around the house and do some stretches on your own, there is no better garment to give you the ultimate flexibility of movement, to let your muscles soar and be free.