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Women Studio Blue Les Mills® Restorative Tank TopWomen Studio Blue Les Mills® Restorative Tank Top

Les Mills® Restorative Tank Top

Women Studio

Women Studio Orange Les Mills® Muscle Tank TopWomen Studio Orange Les Mills® Muscle Tank Top

Les Mills® Muscle Tank Top

Women Studio

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Traditional and trendy gym tops for women who enjoy a good workout

Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast aiming for a more sculpted body or an additional sized female looking to shed a few kilos and improve her overall fitness and conditioning, there’s a healthy selection of gym tops for women to assist you in reaching your goals. Bare your toned midriff in a trendy crop top with or without sleeves, or you can opt for a more traditional look that favours sleeveless products designed to provide the greatest range of movement while you train. All of our tops can be found in a range of colours from basic black to bright solids.

Women’s workout tops to dance, run or spin yourself into shape in

A sculpted body is the result of intense focus, desire and determination combined with a serious amount of hard work, and for those who are dedicated to that singular goal, we offer women’s workout tops to help you eek every ounce of benefit from high-intensity cardio regimens like Sh’bam, BodyPump, BodyAttack and spinning. Some models are better suited for medium-intensity workouts like cycling, running and weight training, while others are geared for low-intensity studio exercises like Zumba and yoga as well as easy outdoor ones such as walking and jogging.

Augment your ladies’ gym tops with fine Reebok accessories

There are loads of shorts, tights, leggings, joggers and a generous amount of trousers available in our online store that you can use to mix and match with our collection of ladies’ gym tops to assemble a variety of outfits for the gym or to complement your existing workout gear. Our sumptuous range of styles and colours is geared to impress all comers, and if you’re thinking about gift ideas you should consider some of our products for your loved ones or friends. Don’t overlook our fine accessories division, which includes some essential workout equipment as well as tote bags, backpacks, gloves and hats.