Women's cycling leggings

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Women Cycling

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Women Cycling

Feel the difference in Reebok cycling leggings for women

Constructed from a blend of recycled polyester, nylon and elastane, Reebok cycling tights for women have flatlock seams and no-abrasion zones to prevent uncomfortable chafing. Choose from medium or high-rise leggings for excellent coverage and a flattering fit. The wide elastic waistband stays put for ultimate comfort during long rides, while strategically placed mesh panels and breathable perforations enhance ventilation. Compression tights are ideal for high-intensity workouts, and have extra features including practical stash pockets to hold your phone or keys. Reebok cycling leggings are also available in a range of different lengths, including above the knee, three-quarter, seven-eighths and full-length tights, to suit outdoor conditions and your personal preference.

Turn up the intensity in women’s cycling tights

Whether you’re heading out for a weekend ride, planning a road cycling holiday or gearing up for a race, cyclists face plenty of challenges, including extreme weather, steep gradients and tough riding conditions. To maintain your focus and motivation to achieve your cycling goals, you need leggings, tops and gear that can keep up with your training. Designed in sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry and adapts as you move, Reebok cycling leggings for women have a superior quality and fit with a luxe finish.

Versatile tights for everyday wear

Reebok cycling leggings are also comfortable enough for everyday use and working out. Wear them around the house or out with friends, and ride straight to the gym for yoga, dance class or weight-training. Whether you prefer an understated look or an eye-catching design, mix up your workout wardrobe with Reebok’s unique graphics, bold colour blocks, Vector prints and timeless neutrals. Pair your women’s cycling leggings with a supportive sports bra and a tank top, and add a windproof jacket for inclement weather.