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Women’s CrossFit tights that can stand up to your workout

Whether you’re a seasoned aficionado or just starting out, CrossFit is a demanding workout that requires total concentration so you can perform to the best of your ability. The best women’s CrossFit tights have a distraction-free fit with plenty of stretch, are breathable to keep you cool and robust enough to handle the intensity of a CrossFit training session. Opt for a wide, supportive waistband to prevent the tights from riding up, digging in or falling down, and a squat-proof style so your underwear won’t be visible through the fabric while you’re working out.

Designed for athletic bodies: Reebok CrossFit tights for women

Reebok women’s CrossFit tights have a flattering fit that has been specially designed for CrossFit bodies, based on data collected from thousands of CrossFitters. Created for maximum comfort and stretch, CrossFit leggings are constructed from lightweight, moisture-wicking Speedwick material to keep you cool and dry. The seamless construction offers an irritation-free fit while the secure waistband stays put through the toughest reps. Compression tights feature durable CORDURA® panels for protection during lifting or climbing while helping to promote post-workout recovery. Available in flattering lengths including full-length, cropped styles or shortie shorts, Reebok leggings contour to your body for a streamlined look. Pick a solid colour or fun design that that will liven up your wardrobe and make you feel motivated to stay fit.

Versatile training gear that doubles as streetwear

Reebok CrossFit tights for women are incredibly versatile and can cross over to any kind of workout, from running to yoga flows. Wear them with a lightweight training tank or a cotton tee and get ready to work up a sweat. With the rise in the popularity of athleisure wear, Reebok CrossFit tights for women can also be worn from the studio to the street. For an on-trend look, pair your leggings with a crop top, black trainers and a leather jacket.