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High-performance activewear: CrossFit socks for women

Even though CrossFitters and athletes are willing to invest in high-performance trainers, they often don’t put as much thought into the socks they wear with them. When you’re training hard, your accessories need to be just as hard-working to keep up with you. Reebok’s CrossFit socks for women are crafted especially for high-impact workouts, offering the extra breathability, durability, support and stay-put comfort that you need when you’re stepping up to the challenge of the WOD.

Hard-wearing women's CrossFit socks

Built for comfort, women's CrossFit socks are made from moisture-wicking polyester and nylon for durability, and a touch of elastane or spandex for stretch. Crew socks are ribbed to keep them securely in place while you’re moving around, with extra cushioning on the toe and heel to absorb impact. Breathable mesh panels allow enhanced ventilation so your feet stay cool and dry through even the most gruelling WOD. CrossFit Tech crew socks feature terry shin panels to protect you from abrasion during lifting and climbing. Built-in ankle and arch support offer extra comfort, while knee-high compression socks have a snug fit to help your muscles recover faster. Women’s CrossFit socks are also available in a below-the-ankle length to pair perfectly with your Reebok Nanos.

Durable Reebok socks for everyday athletes

If you’re looking for CrossFit-ready style, combine a pair of stretchy sweat-wicking tights and a graphic tank top with no-show CrossFit socks and your favourite Nanos. Even if you’re having a rest day from CrossFit, you can still wear your Reebok socks on a run or to a group fitness class. Select from a bold all-over graphic print or classic black or white to suit your workout wardrobe. Selected women’s athletic socks are available in packs of three, so you’ll always have a spare pair on hand.