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Women’s CrossFit shorts that fit your body

When you’re focused on the WOD, the last thing you want to deal with is the distraction of an ill-fitting outfit. Standard women's CrossFit shorts are notorious for bunching up, sliding down, revealing more of your body than you’d like or causing irritation and chafing. To accommodate high-intensity workouts, the best CrossFit shorts should be made of stretchy fabric that can wick away sweat. Every woman’s body is different, so choose shorts with enough coverage for you to feel comfortable at the box. Rather than constantly hiking up your shorts and worrying about them staying put while you’re lifting and bending, opt for Reebok CrossFit shorts that don’t ride up or dig in. Instead, you can put 100% of your concentration and energy into your workout.

Reebok CrossFit shorts for women: flattering and functional

Reebok’s women's CrossFit Shorts are available in different fabrics, graphics, cuts and colours for total versatility. Created using super-soft Speedwick fabric to wick sweat away from your body and keep you cool and dry, some shorts also incorporate an anti-microbial inner brief to prevent odours. The Chase Shortie shorts are a customer favourite and feature a low-rise, flat front waist, with flatlock seams for comfort and shaped leg openings to prevent riding up. Knit Waistband shorts have a wide stretch waistband for a custom fit and an inner brief for extra coverage when you’re climbing ropes or performing handstand push-ups.

Dedicated gear for your CrossFit body

Reebok has developed a wide range of functional workout gear tailored to fit CrossFit enthusiasts. Apart from looking good, these items are designed to enhance your performance in the box so you can reach your PR. Wear your women’s CrossFit shorts with a strappy sports bra and your trusty Reebok Nanos. Layer a pair of lightweight joggers and a soft hoodie over the top to keep you warm before and after your workout.