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Get pumped with women’s weightlifting gloves

CrossFit has introduced a new generation of women to lifting weights by making it more accessible. Look around at the gym and you’ll notice that women are increasingly taking over the weights room. Apart from making you strong and lean, weight training has countless benefits, including increasing energy and improving heart health. To prevent injuries such as blisters and calluses that are caused by repetitive movements, women’s weight lifting gloves are a practical accessory. Weightlifting gloves can also protect your wrists when you’re pushing through reps of pull-ups and bench presses.

Built to last: Reebok women's weightlifting gloves

If you’re looking to invest in a pair of women’s weightlifting gloves, there are a number of important attributes to keep in mind. A durable design will help you keep up with high-intensity WOD sequences. A solid, non-slip grip is essential if you tend to sweat. To protect your hands from injury, weightlifting gloves should cover the palms and fingers where there is most contact with the bar or barbell. Reebok’s CrossFit gloves for women are made with moisture-wicking Speedwick technology that keeps your hands cool and dry. Integrated palm perforations offer extra ventilation while inserts add extra durability in high-abrasion areas. Gloves with wrist support will also protect your wrists; look for thicker padding for greater support.

Performance-enhancing accessories

Reebok’s weightlifting gloves are versatile enough to be used during CrossFit routines, so you can tackle rope climbs and deadlifts as part of your WOD. Accessorise your look with a CrossFit wrist wrap for resilient support or a breathable wristband to soak up the sweat. Reebok also has a range of sweat-wicking t-shirts and tanks that are ideal for weightlifters. Hit the weights room in three-quarter tights, a weightlifting tee and Legacy Lifter trainers to boost your performance.