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A wide range of purpose-designed women's crop tops

A crop top is one of the most useful items of gym clothing. You can exercise in it indoors and outside, and rely on it to keep you fresh and cool. It allows you unrestricted movement while still giving you the peace of mind of strategic coverage when you're exerting yourself. This selection comes in a variety of lengths, so you can choose yours according to your training regimen. Really short, snug-fitting tops are perfect for outdoor training in summer, and our high-intensity workout models are designed for exactly that. Otherwise, you can get loose-fitting general-purpose tops to wear for practically any training purposes.

Crop tops for women who take fitness seriously

Our women's crop tops have been created so that you can select just the right one for your needs. At the most extreme end of the scale, we have our ultra-sleek training tops. Made from recycled polyester blended with elastane, they provide a tight, stretchy fit and will move with you like your own skin. For running purposes, we use nylon blends with speed-wicking properties to deal with perspiration and improve breathability. You’ll also find crop tops with mesh panel inserts for a more extreme cooling effect. For a simple, no-nonsense top that you can grab for a quick workout session, get our jersey-style sleeveless crewneck top made from soft and absorbent cotton.

We have lots to accompany your Reebok crop tops

The best gym partner for your crop top is a pair of gym leggings, in a similar comfy and stretchable material. If you're intending to wear your top for outdoor training, a tracksuit is a must for warming up, especially when the season changes. If it gets too cold for comfort, a Reebok bomber jacket will sort you out. In summer, don't forget to pick up some head protection, like a classic baseball cap or bucket hat.