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For sporting comfort walking shoes for women are the business

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise and a great way to replenish serotonin at the end of the day. It's also a low-impact way of keeping fit to supplement the rest of your weekly routine. A pair of comfortable walking shoes for women will give you a lot of training mileage. Slip-resistant soles will keep you sure-footed over any terrain, and a choice of synthetic or leather uppers gives you supple, flexible comfort. Intelligent cushioning helps to support your feet and arches, and provides a spring-back effect to help you keep going for many more miles.

Comfortable women's walking shoes with technology you can rely on

The maximum comfort walking shoes for women you'll find here are constructed with DMX foam in the midsole area and a breathable mesh inner that helps to keep your feet fresh. This works in combination with a responsive memory foam sockliner. All this cushioning is also designed to move the area around your shoes as you walk. You'll get tons of traction from the high-grip rubber soles, even on wet surfaces or oily patches – you'll have the confidence to go anywhere in them. There are plenty of colours to select from, so you can find exactly the right shoes to match your other training kit.

Everything to go with your women's comfort walking shoes

The natural companions for your walking shoes are a pair of Reebok running shoes. This will allow you to switch up your cardio routine any time you like, especially if you're going on holiday and want to add more walking to your schedule. Take one of our windbreakers along with you if it's a bit blustery; otherwise a T-shirt and a pair of tracksuit trousers will be all you'll need. A Reebok bum bag can hold all your valuables, so you won't have them moving around in your pockets when you pick up the pace.