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Hiking Black DMX Hard Shell Mid-Length JacketHiking Black DMX Hard Shell Mid-Length Jacket

DMX Hard Shell Mid-Length Jacket


A lightweight parka: women’s perfect gym outerwear

Reebok women's parkas are jackets with a difference. We've taken this classic outdoor coat and given it a sporty makeover. It's ready for you to wear to the gym, a yoga session, your dance class or whatever your particular flavour of fitness activity is. They're easy to wear, with a full-length cut that will cover you all the way to your knees. They'll help to keep the wind off and the rain out, and their relaxed fit means you can wear them over any kind of gym clothes or other fitness attire. These are a far cry from the more bulky canvas parkas you see on the street in winter – they're ultra lightweight and totally chic.

Women's lightweight parkas designed for the fitness fanatic

Our lightweight parka women’s design is made from 100% plain woven nylon, with a full zip going all the way down the front so they're easy to get on and off with a minimum of fuss. Extra protection comes from the bomber collar, with long sleeves sealed at the wrist with elasticised cuffs. Styling details echo the famous Reebok striping, and you'll be able to colour-coordinate your parka with your other gym kit thanks to neutral hues. They’ll add a final subtle touch to your gym wardrobe.

Everything you need underneath your Reebok parka

Now that you know what you'll be wearing on your way to and from your gym or studio session, you can check out our more specific sportswear. We have tank tops and bodysuits for circuit work and running, T-shirts and shorts for general fitness work, and all manner of sports-specific kit. In fact, our parkas are so light you can simply slip them on over a pair of leggings and a sports bra and be ready to hit your circuit in seconds.