Women's Classic Shoes


Make a retro style statement with classic shoes for women

Choose from a huge selection of classic shoes for women. You can choose from vibrant designs with pops of colour that are guaranteed to turn heads or classic white women’s shoes that will go with any outfit and suit any occasion. There is something for all personalities and all tastes. All of our classic Reebok shoes have that timeless feel, which has resulted in them becoming such an iconic footwear range. Whether the ‘80s or the ’90s, get transported back in time with timeless shoes that will look good for years and years to come.

Performance and style combine with women’s classic shoes

We have a huge number of different classic women’s models for you to choose from. Some of our most popular examples include Royal Dashonic 2.0, Aztrek 96 Adventure, Instapump Fury OG, Workout Plus, Royal Guide, and Club C 85 Vintage. Not only do our shoes look amazing in terms of design and colour but they provide outstanding performance as well. All you need to do is click on each shoe to find out more about the technology used, as well as the construction and the material. You will find out exactly how each shoe achieves comfort, performance and durability.

Follow in the footsteps of the UK’s fashion queen with the VB collection

We have all of our classic designs here, and we are constantly adding to our range of shoes as well, and this is showcased no better than by our collaboration with fashion sensation Victoria Beckham. We have worked with her on a range of Reebok shoes and accessories. We’re delighted that she has designed the Bolton Sock Low Shoes as part of our collection. These shoes have a classic design, yet they boast a modern upgrade in the form of the fluorescent yellow colour. She has also designed an incredible selection of bags to complete your look when going to the gym.