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You can't beat the versatile bum bag for women

Our women's waist bags are such handy gym and outdoor training accessories. These aren't the clunky 80s fashion items, mind. They're thoroughly modern sports bags that will help you to keep your essentials with you, with everything neatly organised in a safe and squared-away workout-ready bag. They feature strategic padding and straps that you can adjust for loose casual wear, or cinch snugly to your body when you're training and can't afford to have anything slipping around. You can choose dual compartments or a single storage area, and we also have minimalist versions for a more streamlined fit.

A bum bag for ladies who take an active approach to life

Starting with our basic bum bag for women, you'll get resilient 100% recycled polyester that provides almost a litre and a half of storage. An adjustable buckled waist strap enables very secure closure, and a fabric-covered zip keeps the main compartment secure. Going down to our ultra-slim training bags, you'll find them the perfect size to carry car keys, a small purse and a phone. They're meant for long runs or intensive training sessions when you need to carry as little as possible on you but still don't want to leave your valuables lying around.

Fill and augment our waist bags for women

You can fit plenty of Reebok training accessories into our larger bum bags: a speed rope, for example, or perhaps an extra pair of running socks to refresh your feet between circuits. You can match them with one of our gym bags or backpacks, and keep your bulkier items in the latter while taking only essentials with you. Their adjustable straps allow you to wear them over pretty much anything, from snug training shorts to our sporty and stylish tracksuits.