Women · Boxing

£30 - £31

Boxing gloves women will love to get their fists in

Our women's boxing gloves offer plenty of options for your type of training or fighting. We have light sparring gloves that will help to protect your hands during light ball work, defending you against chafing and repetitive-impact bruising without the extra bulk of the full glove. The latter are also available and perfect for heavy bag work or light sparring. If you prefer the MMA side of things for your combat sports training tastes, we have speciality women's gloves for this as well. From the gym to the boxing ring, we can protect your hands and keep you fighting fit every day.

Women's boxing gloves for the gym or the ring

The main boxing gloves women choose are of the training variety. While we most definitely have the elite sports technology to arm amateur women boxers who need to get into the ring with the right gear, our boxing gloves are purpose-designed for fitness and gym training. They are all made from durable and intelligently constructed leather shells with very secure strap closures at the wrist, which are also reinforced to help support you in that area and prevent snap-back injuries. A superior cushioning effect will protect your knuckles and fingers, while allowing you to hit as hard as you like. You won’t have to hold back for anything with Reebok boxing gloves.

Other gear to go with our boxing gloves for women

MMA fighters will be able to find training and competition shorts designed specifically for their sport. The same is true for boxers, while women who are simply in the gym for training purposes can grab a pair of Reebok tracksuit bottoms and match them with a bodysuit or tank top. Add a sturdy, flexible and supportive gym trainer or boxing shoe and you have all you need for your training purposes – and if you want to take it into the ring, we'll be right there in your corner too.