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The bomber jacket: women’s best friend for cold-weather training

You'll be thrilled at what we've done with one of the most iconic pieces of outdoor wear, the classic bomber jacket. Our women's designs benefit from updated styling cues that have been seamlessly combined with our high-performance sporting technology and construction. Sure, they're meant to keep you warm, but their real purpose is to help you continue your training routine even when it gets really cold or windy outside. They keep you well insulated while providing advanced breathability qualities, so you'll never get that stuffy feeling, no matter how much steam is rising off you on a cold morning. They provide plenty of room for other sports clothing underneath, with an efficient straight cut to keep everything neat and trim.

The women’s bomber jacket, updated for the modern era

When choosing a bomber jacket women’s natural first thought is often to go for the classic external padded compartment design, which is the look we most associate with them. We have plenty of these on offer, but up the game by padding ours with a mixture of feathers and duck down. Externally, we use a plain weave polyester material. Together they create a surprisingly lightweight, very protective and wonderfully insulating piece of sports outerwear. There are other alternatives too, including ultra-sleek jackets with invisible padding and a trendy layered look that evokes a classic twentieth-century French style.

A Reebok women's bomber jacket is just the finishing touch

You won't always want a bomber jacket when you're training outdoors, so we have everything else you'll need for this. Pack your jacket into a Reebok backpack or barrel bag, and warm up in a Reebok tracksuit underneath. Then, if your training session is intense enough, you might find that you can dispense with the tracksuit and put in a strenuous 45 minutes in gym leggings or a Reebok bodysuit.