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The right blue shorts for women who take an all-round fitness approach

We doubt that anyone could tell us why, but blue has always been one of the more favoured sporting colours. So there's a good chance that you'll be after some blue training gear too. We have the perfect selection of blue training shorts that give you a choice of lengths and materials to match your particular training needs. For lower-impact indoor training like Pilates or yoga, we can supply flexible blue mini shorts with a stretchy feel. For cardio and running work, look no further than our jogging shorts, and if you want full athletic support, our elite-level running leggings are just the business.

Blue women's shorts that are a cut above

Some of our blue shorts for women sport high style credentials, influenced by top fashion designers. They aren't merely for show, however – they feature special seam technology, stretchy sweat-wicking materials and hydrophilic finishes to further aid moisture absorption and keep you dry no matter how much the perspiration is flowing. Others have a looser fit for all-purpose or outdoor training, and are made from a durable elastane and polyester combination, once again with the same sweat-control technology woven into the fabrics. A mesh inner brief adds to the comfort factor, and a secure elasticised or drawstring waistband gives you the security to move as strenuously as you like.

Make Reebok women's shorts the centre of your training outfit

Our shorts are so versatile that you can wear them with almost any of your other training clothes. They're particularly designed to go with our training T-shirts, of course, and you'll find plenty of matching shades in that area. Any of our trainers or gym shoes will complement them as well, and if you need a warm-up outfit then you can't go wrong with a Reebok tracksuit or by adding a sweatshirt for training outdoors.