Blue hoodies for women


Stylish functionality in our blue hoodies for women

While we fully understand that fashion might be a secondary consideration for the kind of sporting woman who buys our clothes, we also know that style does matter. So if blue is your favourite training colour, you'll be enthused by our blue hoodie range. You can have them for summer or winter – long-sleeved ones will keep you nice and warm, while trendy, sporty cut-offs are perfect for hotter days. They're oh-so-comfortable and will give you a feel-good boost every time you slip yours on. Intelligent fabric construction makes them very functional as well, with all kinds of clever ways to keep you cool even when you're training really hard.

A Reebok blue hoodie is more than meets the eye

Cast your eyes over our blue hoodies for women and the first thing that will strike you – besides our iconic logo emblazoned on them – is the way that they are contoured. They've been created to hug you enough that you feel snug and supported, without in any way constricting your movements. This means you can wear them for multiple training purposes, and you'll always be aided by their Speedwick fabrics, which help to keep you dry and cool you down when you start perspiring. Soft yet tough and resilient fabric blends ensure that you'll find yourself reaching for them every time you head out to train.

The perfect blue hoodie to match your outfits

If you want to stick with the blue theme, our T-shirts and running shorts will oblige. You’ll also be able to find plenty of blue tracksuit bottoms if you want a complete warm-up outfit or something to comfortably jog in during winter. Of course you’ll need a pair of our advanced gym shoes or running shoes, so have a good look at our range of trainers as well. Your new outfit will take your training to a new level – of fitness and style.