Women · Black · Walking · Shoes


Women's black walking shoes that can go the distance

Walking doesn't have to be a gentle, rambling form of exercise. It can be a serious cardio booster as well, especially if you add a few hilly sections to your daily walk, and double the pace. If this is the kind of evening walk that you prefer, we have exactly the right shoes for you. And if by walking you really mean a strenuous trail hike, we can kit you out in supportive and comfortable foot wear as well. Our blends of materials provide reliability and protection from the elements, so you can take them anywhere. They'll help you to get your fitness walk in no matter whether it's a perfect day or one where you just have to grit your teeth and keep your mind on what you're training for. Your Reebok shoes will keep your pace all the time.

Feature-packed black walking shoes for women

The first thing we make sure to equip our women's black walking shoes with is a sturdy frame. It has to be both supportive and flexible – this isn't a hiking boot. We use resistant ripstop and mesh blend uppers that give excellent breathability as well as helping to dispose of moisture from the inside and out. Additional reinforcement at the heel and toe provides a shock absorbent effect. Strong rubber outsoles with specially designed extra-friction lugs are added to give you sure-footed confidence when you're walking at a decent clip. They're also lightweight, so you won't feel them dragging you down when the going gets tough towards the end of your training walk.

Women's walking shoes to complement your other outdoor gear

A great addition to your wardrobe to go with your walking shoes is one of our classic windbreakers, which you can get in a high collar cut or with a drawstring hoodie. When it gets colder outside, you can move to a really snug Reebok bomber jacket. For summer training, Reebok T-shirts and jogging shorts will do the trick nicely, and of course, we have all the socks you could ever need, with our without compression support.