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Good-looking and hard-working women's black leather trainers

You'll be hard-pressed to find a more suitable piece of training footwear that also looks as stylish as the classic women's trainer in black leather. You can wear it with anything you train in, and it will give you a sporty edge to your casual look as well, particularly with a great pair of jeans. They're comfortable, of course, but the emphasis is equally on helping you to extract the most from every training session, whether it's cardio in the gym, a Pilates sessions, boot camp outdoors, or simply keeping yourself in top shape over the off season with some daily road running. They're durable and reliable, and you can take them virtually anywhere you train.

Reebok black leather trainers come full of features

These aren't just any women's black leather trainers, as we've hinted. The leather is beautifully supple and flexible, yet sturdy enough to give you high-performance support. We put a very lightweight die-cut midsole into it, reinforced with EVA materials, and added a padded sock liner to make sure that however your foot needs to land, you'll get a shock absorbing effect that you will really appreciate. The soles are made from high abrasion rubber to take an impact and also last a good amount of time. The design is enhanced with detailed contrasting stitching, along with the iconic Reebok logo, of course.

There's nothing you can't wear with a black leather trainer

Getting the rest of your sporting outfit to go with your black trainers is an absolute breeze. Choose from a stunning range of t-shirt and shorts designs in a variety of colours. We have plenty of our excellent tracksuits as well, along with running and gym leggings and body suits to wear underneath for extra warmth in winter. No matter how you prefer to train, we can look after you from top to bottom.