Women · Black · Tank Tops & Sleeveless


Train in cool style with a women's black tank top

Whether you prefer a crop top or a longer cut in your training tops, we have what you need to keep you cool when you're pushing as hard as you can and the sweat is really flowing. They combine comfortable absorbent properties with clever material technology that allows your top to breath, so that air flow is enhanced as you move. This gives a cooling effect so that you can keep going for longer and also avoid potentially dangerous over-heating, especially when you're training outdoors in summer with the sun beating down. They also make perfect indoor gym wear, which enables you to pick the perfect one for your fitness routine.

Everything that goes into a black tank top for women

Our women's black tank tops rely just as much on our advanced research capabilities as our other sports wear. One of the most important results of this is the speed-wicking materials we use in our training tops, which channel perspiration away from areas where it is likely to build-up and cause discomfort or chafing. They're made from a choice of fabrics, including cotton and 100% recycled polyester, and some have a light compression effect thanks to the addition of elastane or spandex. This provides extra support for the upper torso area, particularly the core muscles at the side. A shallow V-neck gives you sufficient coverage while allowing for maximum skin exposure to further help with cooling you down.

Your Reebok black tank top can be worn with almost anything

Pair your tank top with some training or running shorts and a pair of socks and Reebok trainers and you're all set for indoor gym sessions, outdoor training or pounding the pavement. Get yourself a Reebok backpack to put your Reebok warm-up tracksuit in while you're running, as well as other belongings like your mobile phone and house keys. Alternatively, a bum bag is all you'll need for a short lunchtime run before hitting the shower and getting back to the office.