Women’s black hoodies

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A variety of sports-focused women's black hoodies

When winter comes along, or if you live in a particularly blustery place, a women's black hoodie is a godsend for the modern fitness junkie. They're soft and luxurious against your skin and wind and rain resistant on the outside. You can even have them with a high cut waist to protect you against the elements on warmer days, while allowing more air flow to prevent heat build-up while you're exercising. This is, after all, what they're primarily designed for: to be worn when you want to push through your training routine when the weather is less than ideal.

Black hoodies for women, informed by R&D

Our women's black hoodies aren't your average casual wear jackets. They've been created to be the workhorses in your training wardrobe, their protective and warm combinations of cotton and polyester fleece, or French terry and light spandex, are tailored with high intensity training in mind, from women's MMA routines to boxercise and many a fitness run. The hoodie itself can be adjusted with handy drawcords, and full length zips are provided for ease of use, so you don't have to waste time fussing with your warm-up clothes when you're ready to strip off and hit it hard.

A women's black hoodie by Reebok will work with any other sports wear

A black hoodie for women can really go with anything, not merely in the fashion sense, but also in terms of matching the advanced technology that goes into all our other sports wear. Ours will work very well with our tracksuit bottoms, and will have enough roominess to accommodate a Reebok training T-shirt and sweatshirt underneath for cold weather training. It will also fit comfortably over one of our runner's bum bags. You can simply put on your usual running kit, slip your hoodie on over everything else and off you go.