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The black Reebok Classic women's trainer, working harder through your workout

The most important aspect of any fitness session, wherever you train and whatever your choice of exercise, is that you reap the rewards from powering through. And it goes without saying that you want to see a constant progression in your results and personal bests. This trainer matches your devotion and intent with a highly durable design, enabling excellent shock absorption in unforgiving environments and at the same time giving you mobility and freedom of movement for maximum comfort and performance.

Put the bounce in your step with the Reebok Classic black women's trainer

The fit is fantastic, providing the support and strength you require through the foam midsole and the soft leather upper that envelop your foot and cushion you whether you're on the climbing wall, the treadmill, or hitting the track outdoors. And if you are outside tearing up the miles, do so with confidence, secure in the knowledge that you won't also tear up your trainers thanks to the high abrasion barrier built into their exterior.

Fitness with finesse, the classic black women's trainer, the perfect fit anytime

Knowing you can trust and simply put your faith in these trainers saves you more of your precious time. Put that time to good use and team your trainers with a classics vector crop top and linear leggings, with a classics foundation duffel bag to carry all your kit fashionably and securely. Strength and durability, performance and timeless, effortless style. Isn't it brilliant when someone else has made the effort to diligently craft and design something so reliable, you actually don't have to worry about any aspect at all? Every time you open a new box of black Reebok classic women's trainers you know Reebok has gone the extra mile, so you can too.