White · Trainers


Experience sleek design and elegance with Reebok’s white trainers

A pair of white trainers is a must in each shoe closet, as it can be combined with virtually anything and always helps you put you best foot forward. We know that and have designed a whole line of white trainers to choose from, some with coloured details and others purely and completely white. Like all our trainers, our white editions feature ultimate comfort by employing the latest shoe technology in rubber soling and shock absorption. From sleek designs with flat outsoles for a casual look to athletic shoes with rippled soles for more grip, we’ve got your covered.

Be inspired by a fresh breeze of white sneakers

Nothing says fresh like white, and our imprinted logo and coloured strips come out even better with the blank canvas of white leather or fabric underneath. To ensure ultimate grip and better traction, our shoes feature high-abrasion rubber outsoles, whereas EVA-midsoles provide a firm fit, more comfort and efficient shock absorption. Low-cut designs guarantee more ankle flexibility for running or walking, while adding to a more elegant look. To give your foot an even firmer fit, some of our shoes also feature heelclips to support your rearfoot perfectly and add stability for more running comfort. Leather uppers encase your foot softly while also increasing stability and a tailored fit.

Spice up your white sport shoes with colour strips and Reebok’s sports gear

Add a splash of colour if all-white is too much for you. Colour details are available in reduced added strips on the sides to patterns that cover the entire shoe. Either way, Reebok’s white trainers certainly make an ideal match with any of our sports gear, for example the Reebok Men’s Classics Fleece pants for colder days that will keep you warm during your workout. Women can spruce up their shoes with perfect-fit compression tights for optimal stretching and flexibility. For a more casual style, choose the Classics Vector crop top for her.