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Classic white gym trainers for active lifestyles

White is chic. White is clean. White is the colour of your new gym trainers. Because nothing screams confidence like a pair of classic Reebok gym trainers that are as smooth as on the day you bought them. For regular gym junkies or streetwear fanatics, white gym trainers are the hottest trend right now. Enhance your performance, optimise your training and make new personal bests with shoes that instil motivation and drive. Find your perfect fit with a range of sizes for both men and women in Reebok gym trainers that are engineered to keep your feet snug while you train.

White fitness trainers that clean up your routine

Engineered for daily wear, functional training and powerlifting, a pair of white fitness trainers will see you through any activity. Lightweight and durable, each of these white trainers offers supportive footwear features like enhanced grip soles and durable uppers, which provide long-lasting responsive cushioning and traction. Created for all types of workouts, Reebok has a shoe to meet your requirements. Choose from a range of different styles like the Legacy Lifter – the perfect weightlifting shoe, made to lock you in and keep you grounded. Alternatively, opt for the Speed TR, which is ideal for cardio or intensive activity.

Versatile trainers for everyday wear

White gym trainers are a classic in the gym and on the streets. Command attention with a pair of classic whites, paired with your gym gear or dressed down with denim jeans or Reebok sweatpants. Stability meets versatility with these trainers, which are made with breathable materials and supreme cushioning to help enhance your workout routine as well as provide all-day comfort. Whether you’re working the weight rack, in a spin class, HIIT or Cross training session, levelling up your cardio or simply heading to work, these Reebok gym trainers are designed to meet your active lifestyle needs.