White · Classics

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Step forward in the strength and security of Reebok Classic White shoes

There's no point in heading for the gym or track without a target in mind. Goals keep us focused, single-minded and hungry to achieve, and that's half the battle. With the right mental attitude you can do anything, and with the right footwear, you can win the battle. These trainers offer strength to support your feet, plus cushioning and durability for shock absorption, in conjunction with an all round sleek sophistication and timeless elegance of style.

High impact with a high return from white Reebok Classics

These are the trainers designed to respond, whether you're pounding out the miles on the track or cross country, with precision foam insoles delivering durable shock absorption when you really need it and a cushioned comfortable wear at all other times. And your foot is always protected from the elements and conditions with a high abrasion rubber outsole allowing you to tear up the miles in all terrains.

Sleek, sophisticated mobility in all white Reebok Classics

Such is the quality and durability of these trainers, you'll want them for spin class, wall climbing, hitting the track, racquet sports and everything in between, but don't forget the versatility of their style guarantees a superior shoe outside of the gym too. The low cut design ensures a sleek freedom of movement and mobility with a look that’s easily teamed with joggers, denims or khakis to create an effortless heritage style or elegant everyday wear. Always in fashion, never compromising in strength, comfort, endurance, shock absorption, protection or sheer power, Reebok Classic Whites were and remain a trainer of choice around the world. Created by a team whose diligence, talent and perseverance in their craft always goes the extra mile, so you can go that extra mile too.