White · Bum Bag


White bum bag: versatile performance with bold looks

A white bum bag is a great accessory to have when you are alone and need to travel light, and if you’re on the move with friends, its bold looks and flashy style can be the subject of some light conversation on the way to your destination. Our versatile bags are available as comfortable plain weave waist packs with front zip and dual side pockets or sumptuous pure polyester utility bags with handles that can conveniently convert into a tote, backpack, duffel or grip with spacious compartments for organising your valuables and essential items.   

A Reebok bum bag in white for outdoor events at home or abroad

Walk around the city’s busy high streets or enjoying the sights while you’re away on holiday, a bum bag white is a safe way to transport your valuables and have cash or ID close to hand if the need arises. If you’re already dressed to perform, leave the gym bag behind and sport some patriotic pride on the way to the gym or studio with bold Union Jack colours and oversize vector logo that clearly say you’ve got the energy and stamina to go all the way. Our products are also excellent for wearing at outdoor concerts and sporting events.

White bum bags offer practical, everyday convenience

When convenience is your primary concern, white bum bags are all you need to keep your essential items secure while you move, and with a dash of style and if some light shopping is on your schedule, our versatile utility bags are spacious enough to carry all your valuables as well as a few small purchases. These practical, everyday bags can be used for work and school as well as for training or shopping and are part of a larger selection of accessories that includes snazzy headwear, dynamic graphic socks and training equipment.