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Digital running watches when time is of the essence

When you need to meet the standard in order to compete with the best runners around, or you just need to shave off a few fractions of a second to set a new personal record, having a dependable timepiece is as important as what you wear. The running watches offered by Reebok include chronographs with digital quarts display and alarm functions and feature a lap timer with stopwatch, which are essential for recording accurate times during practice runs so athletes can make the necessary adjustments prior to competition. These lightweight watches also come with a backlight, silicone strap, and are water-resistant for all-weather training.

Anyone can use a good sports watch

You don’t necessarily need to be a dedicated runner to appreciate the value of a good sports watch. Keeping track of the time during training is also an important tool used by most athletes and dedicated enthusiasts such as football, basketball, and tennis players to gauge reaction speed, hand/eye coordination and for use with sprint drills. Swimmers can recognise the need to pare down split times in the pool and rowers can use them for modulating stroke pace practising on lakes and rivers, while divers can utilise the pressurisation factor at depth in the pool or open water.

Reebok watches for travel and leisure

Reebok watches are as stylish, elegant, and practical as our collection of trainers, which includes running shoes, shoes for walking and hiking, and other styles for tennis, basketball and weight training to name a few sports. We also offer practical, attractive, and elegant clothing options for the gym and casual wear purposes like shorts, tracksuits, tees, and sports bras, not to mention various other tops and trousers fit for work or play. Our online store also features a collection of accessories that will can complement your attire, such as socks, sunglasses, caps, hats and durable bags to transport your belongings when you need to travel.