Walking · Trousers


Exciting walking trousers with extra storage and utilitarian appeal

As a substitute for denim, corduroy or dungaree pants, you will find our walking trousers are lightweight, durable and definitely more exciting garments for enjoying all your pedestrian activities and adventures. Pure nylon ripstop make them strong and flexible while creating a soft sheen that exudes a pleasant aesthetic for easy appeal. Use the drawcord around the elasticated waist and cuffs to adjust your comfort level when necessary and discover different ways to utilise the additional storage space courtesy of the large cargo pockets on each flank, while saving the side pockets for your hands.

Low maintenance walking pants for active bodies

You’ll certainly get more mobility out of our walking pants than others made of coarser materials and, as they don’t require much maintenance, you can grab them off the line or out of the dryer and away you go. Utilitarian looks add great value to products that can be used for relaxed office wear and attending classes or lectures and once you return home, you can enjoy a relaxing walk with your dog or head out for the evening with a few friends to blow off some steam.

Reebok walking trousers for flexible mobility and comfort

Reebok walking trousers also provide flexibility in terms of creating attractive outfits that are suitable for the work and classroom environments. Long sleeved tees and sweatshirts in solid colours can be stylish, comfortable wear in offices with a relaxed attire policy as well as at schools where uniforms are not mandatory. For all other situations and requirements, such as athletic or extra-curricular activities, take a look at our full range of tops that feature exciting graphic designs and brilliant colours, as well as handy supplies like indispensable socks, convenient water bottles, bags and other accessories.