Walking · Tights


Walking tights promote fluid mobility with old-school styling

We have updated some classic styles from our archives to give our walking tights a modern look and included a few contemporary design touches to improve their overall aesthetic appeal and appearance. Our sporty products are made of cotton with blended elastane single jersey and interlock fabrics that will stretch with every stride and provide you with a snug, comfortable fit. An elastic waist supports your core and keeps you tucked in, while the legs of our garments feature contrasting coloured vectors in dramatic geometric patterns for a touch of old-school flavour.

Walking leggings for high-energy treks over any surface

When you need to motivate yourself to get off the couch and engage in productive activity, our walking leggings are just the thing you need for a high-energy trek through the city streets or an invigorating hike along the natural trails and footpaths to be found outside the city limits. By yourself or with company, our flexible products provide you with fluid mobility while gliding along flat surfaces, and you will be an inspiring vision in energetic colour while roaming uneven terrain, setting the pace for the rest to follow.

Reebok walking tights and amazing trainers for stimulating activities

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